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Welcome to the *New* Guild Website for GoA!

Guild News

Character Planner

Spelljammer316, Jun 6, 12 8:05 PM.

follow the link for the character planner for DDO

DDO: MotU Brings Dark Vision (Infravision) to the game!

Dworkin of Amber, May 25, 12 10:38 AM.

GoA: Back to DDO

Dworkin of Amber, May 23, 12 9:33 AM.
GoA is active again on DDO.

See you in Stormreach... and soon to be in Farun!


Spelljammer316, Apr 26, 12 9:59 AM.

Your ship droid has a sensor unit, which can be equipped with parts brought from the Repair Droid (Legacy Perk unlocked for 1 million credits). Something good to know is that if you know a friend that also brought the Repair Droid for their ship, you can simply access their ship to buy the parts without spending the 1 million!

Repair Droid sells the following 6 parts, each costing 100k. You can equip 1 sensor on your droid at a time.

Engineering Droid Sensor +5 Scavenging Efficiency
+5 Cybertech Critical
Exploration Droid Sensor +5 Archaeology Efficiency
+5 Synthweaving Critical
Hunter Droid Sensor +10 Investigation Efficiency
+2 Armstech Critical
Medical Droid Sensor +10 Biochem Efficiency
+2 Diplomacy Critical
Scout Droid Sensor +10 Artifice Efficiency
+2 Treasure Hunting Critical
Security Droid Sensor +10 Armormech Efficiency
+2 Underworld Trading Critical

SWTOR: Guild Bank is Established!

Dworkin of Amber, Apr 24, 12 11:46 PM.
A big thank you to Spelljammer for funding the Guild Bank creation.
Donations to recoup those costs are appreciated!
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